The Ultimate Strengths Boot Camp

The Complete Step-By-Step Guide | taught by Dan Fratantoro
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Dan Fratantoro
Dan Fratantoro
My StrengthsFinder® Top 5: Deliberative™ | Strategic™ | Analytical® | Intellection® | Learner®

About the Instructor

I am the founder of StrengthsBase, and a long-time believer in the power of strengths-based development.

I hold a bachelors degree in Accounting from DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. Before StrengthsBase, I was a CPA for 10 years, and I was on pace to become a partner in my firm. However, I was introduced to strengths-based development in June of 2009, and I knew I found my calling.

I believe that everyone brings a unique set of talents and strengths, but it's not enough to simply understand that everyone is different. The truly great organizations, teams, and individuals learn how to capitalize on these differences.

However, this is not as easy as it sounds. And that’s why I built StrengthsBase. Our online courses were designed to efficiently lead you and your team members down a path of self-discovery and to help you truly unlock your greatest potential.

Studies have shown that individuals who focus on their strengths are 6x more likely to be engaged in their careers...and I want to help you get there!

Give us a try...because I'd love to show you how StrengthsBase can help.

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Build A High-Performing Cohesive Team Utilizing STRENGTHS In The Workplace

Rapidly BOOST productivity and profitability in the workplace using KEY team-training sessions that take

...just 1 hour per week...

A team is designed to work together to accomplish a certain goal.

But - what happens when team members are given tasks, and put in areas of responsibility where they are not best suited?

  • Confidence takes a major hit.
  • Their morale drops.
  • Their job satisfaction decreases and they start to dread coming to work.

Unfortunately, the problems don’t just stop at the employee’s level…

These issues cause a ripple effect up the chain throughout the business.

  • Because they aren’t working in their “sweet-spot”, it takes them LONGER to complete tasks.
  • Errors and mistakes increase.
  • Frustration from the individual is soon echoed throughout the team, which can lead to a bitter, resentful, angry, petty environment.

The result?

Projects get completed late, or over budget.
They have errors (that may or may not get caught BEFORE it goes to the customer).
And for the money that they paid, and the time that they've waited...the customer begins to wonder if they can get a better result if they use someone else...

Your business is in jeopardy of LOSING business, simply because your team isn’t playing to their strengths.

Does this sound like your team?

Your team WANTS to please you, and do the best job possible for you.

Nobody says “I think I’ll go in and do a horrible job for my boss today”.

BUT - it’s hard to do a GREAT job, and provide efficient results when they are NOT working on the tasks that they are strongest at.

The good news?

For most teams, this is a fairly simple fix.

You just need to put them in the RIGHT place, handling the RIGHT tasks within your company...

Want to get your team working together towards streamlined, productive, error-free days?

Then I have something for you.


The Ultimate Strengths Boot Camp for Teams

Ultimate Strengths is a 13-week boot camp that will:

Develop long term habitual change - change not only who YOU are as a leader, but to change who (and what) your team will become over the course of the next 3 months.

Identify each individual team member’s strongest and weakest areas, so that you can utilize them to their fullest potential within your company.

Create a streamlined, smoothly operating business that seems to run on autopilot (yes...your business will still be efficiently running even when you travel, or need to spend time out of the office).

Imagine if you knew your team members best business assets?

What if they could be praised and recognized for a job WELL done?

What if you allowed each of them to shine in their own unique way with their own unique talents?

More importantly…

What if you could connect each of their unique talents together to stitch together the best, most amazing team your business has ever seen?

With our Ultimate Strengths Boot Camp for Teams, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do.

During, and after, you’ll see your team transform, right in front your eyes.

They will:

  • Become a high-performing unified force that works TOGETHER to get goals accomplished rapidly.
  • Deliver value to your customers faster, and with fewer errors - because the ones handling the tasks are EXPERTS in their field.
  • FEEL the difference in the work environment shift from stressed and hostile, to excited and celebratory.

This 13-week online bootcamp will give you EVERYTHING you need to create long-lasting positive change and rapid results within your business.

Here’s What You’ll Get With The Ultimate Strengths Boot Camp Program:

You’ll Receive:

  • 13 Short & Precise Weekly Exercises

Each lecture quickly teaches that week's lesson. This course is about 'on-the-fly' learning...not watching a long, boring lecture. Each video is only about 2-3 minutes long...making it easier to learn and retain. They are brief but very concise. Plus you can re-watch, rewind and replay as many times as you like. Then you jump right into the activities.  Again, all we ask for is one hour per week.

  • A “Strengths Journal” Workbook to Keep All Work in One Place

Download and keep  all of the lecture notes and activities  in one place. The Strengths Journal indexes all 13 weeks, and will be your easy way to look back on all of your work throughout the entire course. It will also be your guide as you continue beyond this course.

  • Additional Resources for ALL of the 34 StrengthsFinder® Themes

Take your understanding of your StrengthsFinder® results far beyond the basic reports. Our team has prepared some  incredible  resources to help you fully understand the great…and the not-so-great aspects of each theme.

  • Lifetime Online Access with PC, Mac, Tablet and SmartPhone

High-Definition, quality videos viewable from your PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone. Lifetime online access, anywhere in the world, 24x7, so you can watch and learn at your own pace.

  • Personal Email Support

Get expert help whenever you ever get stuck. Or you can easily interact with us right through our learning platform in the 'Discussions'. You can also track your progress, ask questions, or see questions that other students have asked. Responses are usually sent within a few hours.

The Ultimate Strengths Boot Camp is broken down into 3 stages...

The Stages of Success

Stage 1 (Weeks 1 - 4) - “Riding The Wave”

Week 1

  • Each team member takes the StrengthsFinder® Assessment - comprised of 177 questions, which are rated in a rubric of over 34 theme categories (you are responsible for purchasing your own StrengthsFinder assess codes)

Week 2

  • Team members will review their individual “Signature Theme Report” - a customized report of their Top 5 Themes that they tested strongest for.

Week 3

  • Everyone receives their “Strengths Journal”, which asks open-ended questions to get them to start thinking about their Top 5 Themes, what those themes mean to them, and how they may be perceived to others.

Week 4

  • Start to CREATE and IMPLEMENT your new habit through 2 activities - one called “Spotting Talents”, as well as a team-based activity.

By this point - you will have an introduction to your Top 5 Strength themes, and start to know your team members’ Top 5, so you can get an idea for WHY your team members operate the way they do, and how to best support them.

Stage 2 (Weeks 5-9) - “Keeping The Momentum”

Week 5

  • Week 5 introduces “The Talent Exchange” - a partner or small group activity to get your team understanding how to compensate for weaker areas by utilizing each other’s strengths. A 11-Point Discussion Guide is included to help spark your conversation with your small group.

Week 6

  • You’ll review your Strengths Insight Guide - a highly customized guide tailored to not just to your individual Strength Themes, but how your other themes affect you, and tie into your overall performance and outlook.

Week 7

  • Begin to discover The 4 Theme Domains. What do your theme domains say about you?

Week 8

  • Learn The Dark Side of Your Talents. Many strengths can also be perceived as weaknesses depending on HOW you look at them. Strengths can often be a double-edged sword that also have disadvantages. Discover what your individual barrier labels are, as well as ideas for steering around them.

Week 9

  • Identify Your Fully Developed Talents - Focus on the extremely positive aspects of your top 5 themes. Begin to define yourself using your themes, INSTEAD of your themes defining you.

Stage 3 (Weeks 10-13...and beyond) - “Application and Habit Loop”

Week 10

  • Each team member will do a Talent Exchange activity with their Manager/Boss/Team leader. Now that they’ve identified talents on both a personal, and peer level, it’s time to have that conversation with a member of Management so they can best utilize their employees’ strengths.

Week 11

  • Play “Catch Up” this week! With larger teams especially, sometimes all the material doesn’t quite get covered, so use this week to revisit any areas that need more conversation.

Week 12

  • Begin Putting Into Practice what you’ve learned over the last 11 weeks. Discover how to implement these shifts and habits effectively into your work on a daily basis. This is the week that answers the question: “I know my strengths...where do I go from here?”

Week 13

  • Learn to Leverage Your Talents - By this point, you have a GREAT understanding of your Top 5 themes, and why you operate the way you do… Now, what do you WANT to develop?

If in 13 weeks, your team was working together like a REAL high-performing team, feeling GREAT about themselves, getting tasks done quickly and correctly, and enjoying a lighter and more pleasant environment where they actually LIKED their job…

Wouldn’t that be worth it?

Of course it would.

Building a strong team takes a commitment…not a one-day workshop.

This is how a really good Strength Building program works.

1. You need a commitment from management to implement the plan - their full support is crucial.

2. Your employees need to buy-in to the change you’re trying to create - it needs to be done WITH them, not TO them.

3. It needs to be a proven program - this is no time for trial and error.

4. It should be affordable. We understand that companies who need internal & organizational help are ALSO companies that may be struggling financially to hit their goals. These two factors often go hand-in-hand.

By The End Of This Course...

You (and EVERY member of your team) will be able to walk away with:

  • Discovering your top 5 strengths not just the ones you think you have.
  • Identifying your dominant talents great performers focus on improving their strengths; not worrying about weaknesses.
  • Learning how to leverage and maximize your talentsknowing them is one thing; using them effectively is something else.
  • Gaining an introduction to strengths-based developmentthis is why you signed up
  • Leading a strengths-based life it’s so much more than just job skills

Are there other assessment courses out there, already?


But - what most of them don’t have is a training system with ongoing involvement for the whole team.

Just a quick 2- day observation and assessment of your team by an expert can cost THOUSANDS… just to diagnose certain issues within the team!

And they don’t even walk you through the steps of FIXING the problem.

Or you could hit the other end of the spectrum, and take your team to a Tony Robbins course… Have any idea how much that will set you back? For a small team of five - at LEAST $20,000 - depending on the course you go to.

That’s not how we choose to roll…

This course is the best value of ANY StrengthsFinder® program out there!

Go ahead, do some research on the internet and find a BETTER course for a lower price. I guarantee you won’t find one that beats our price and quality.

Since you have immediate access to Week 1, you’ll be able to start the transformation process RIGHT NOW. Not next month, not next quarter… NOW.

If you’re frustrated with business because you’re team is stressed, not functioning optimally, and it’s starting to affect your bottom line...

If you want to START transforming your team into a high-performing crew that leverages each of their strengths…

If you are experiencing these problems, and know you need to make a change before you put your business or team into further jeopardy…

Invest in your team today and join our group where you’ll get everything we’ve listed above AND MORE…

Our 30-Day HIGH PERFORMANCE Guarantee:

Here’s how our guarantee works…

  1. Order the StrengthsBase Boot Camp program today.
  2. Take it for a test drive.
  3. Work through some of the Modules with your team…
  4. We WANT you to start putting this program into action!

If you don’t feel that this course provides everything that we claim (and more)...

If it’s just not what you were looking for or expecting…

Simply contact us within 30 days of your course purchase for a hassle-free refund! (**The only portion that cannot be refunded is the $15 StrengthsFinder® Assessment fee per team member that signs up.)

Here’s what a few of our most successful students (and business owners) had to say:

“I have discovered more about my strengths within the first month of this course than I have over the last couple of years. Really amazing stuff!”

Kate from Michigan

“This is the best team building course that I have taken! It not only helped me communicate my talents to my co-workers, it also helped me understand the situations where my greatest talents were actually working against me. It changed my whole outlook.”

Jake from Texas

"I would highly recommend this course for any team that wants to harness the power of each team member. Truth be told, I was struggling as a team leader, and I felt that my team hated me. This course helped us hit the ‘reset’ button, and we now have better relationships moving forward. The most important thing for me was that the course went through every aspect of the StrengthsFinder® and helped me see my team members as unique individuals. Any future team members will definitely go through this course."

Greg from New Jersey

Right now, YOU have two choices…

You can hesitate and think on this course… thinking you’ll come back to it tomorrow - but we both know that won’t happen.

You can make an excuses - why you can’t afford it, why you don’t have the time...but the reality is that you can’t afford NOT to. Your business is at stake.

OR -

You can INVEST IN YOUR TEAM, and transform the way you do business, from the inside out.

You landed on this page for a reason...

Because you need to make a change.

  • A change for you.
  • A change for the team that’s counting on you.
  • A change for how you’ll do business from here on out.


Course Contents

13 Videos
24 Texts
14 PDFs
13.0 hrs